Welcome to Phon’s documentation!

Phon is a Python library which has the following features:

  • Parse meshes created in Abaqus’ .inp and Gmsh format and stores it into an internal class based representation. Element and node sets are also parsed and stored.
  • Can out of the box insert interface elements between grains in both 2D and 3D meshes generated with Neper.
  • Can export back the mesh for analysis to either Abaqus .inp or OOFEM’s .in format.

The most common way Phon is used right now is to generate a mesh with Neper, then using Phon the mesh is parsed, interface elements are included and the resulting mesh is then exported for FE-analysis.

This is the central page for all of Phon’s documentation.

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Author:Kristoffer Carlsson - kristoffer.carlsson@chalmers.se
License:MIT License